Celebrate Brooklyn Afterparty @ Southpaw

Not clear if the NP's are playing, DJing or hanging out, but sounds interesting.

special 1 am performance by 33 Hz
THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS & special guests
after party
w/ Roof Top Films
10 pm doors
21 & over
$5 cover


Unlocking Shared iTunes Playlists

If you have shared iTunes playlists at work, and some coworkers with good taste in music, Outunes is a program that will let you download, not just listen to, all music on the network. It downloads an album in about 7 seconds. Works for Mac or PC's. The best part is telling people non-chalantly that you hacked itunes. (Thanks MM)


Celebrate (Canada in) Brooklyn

Indie-pop canucks the New Pornographers are playing Prospect Park bandshell this Saturday with financial support from the Canadian Consulate General in New York and stage support by Stars and the Sadies, eh.

Bottles, cans and cameras are verboten but boxes of wine are allowed. One 96 oz. Franzia per man oughta do it. Don't worry aboot bringing food as Two Boots is the food vendor. If you don't know any of the bands just think of it as a drunken picnic with a great soundtrack.

If it starts to pour I recommend getting to a port-o-john quick. They hold aboot three people each. It's called triple-douching.

Listen to a new mp3, an old mp3, and an older mp3 from the New Pornographers. Middle one's my fave.

Bring your dog to dog beach before the show.


M Ward Coming Back to NYC

He'll play two shows in July without those dead weight Jim and Conor guys. He's the greatest thing going if you ask me or my best man.

7/21 @ Castle Clinton(Free)
7/22 @ Maxwells

Listen to him do things with a guitar Bernie Williams only dreams of.