Silver Jews Touring

March 17th. Webster Hall. No it's not an indie misprint. While they have performed near their home before, they have never toured to play their 6 album or so catalogue. Head Jew Dave Berman hinted that it will be something resembling a weirdo showcase of musci, def poetry from ex-pavement members, and "country comedy". He is probably kidding but you never really know with a guy who sings "I love you to the max!" without a drip of irony. As long as he plays "Tennesse", he can be as absurdly post-modern as he likes.


Blake You Beautiful Man

Pitchfork reports a new Elected album from everyone's favorite Rilo Kiley side project(sorry Jenny, though the Travellng Wilburies cover was a nice try) is hitting stores January 24th. It's called "Sun, Sun, Sun" and it should be leaking any minute. He will then tour the country baring his soul on stage while being called McFly by some mook in the back. Why is that guy here anyway?