Silver Jews Touring

March 17th. Webster Hall. No it's not an indie misprint. While they have performed near their home before, they have never toured to play their 6 album or so catalogue. Head Jew Dave Berman hinted that it will be something resembling a weirdo showcase of musci, def poetry from ex-pavement members, and "country comedy". He is probably kidding but you never really know with a guy who sings "I love you to the max!" without a drip of irony. As long as he plays "Tennesse", he can be as absurdly post-modern as he likes.


thefieldgeneral said...

enough of this pitchfork regurgitation... give me some insight into some of your recent concert experiences - voxtrot, lemonheads, the key west wedding band.

thefieldgeneral said...

also, you mispelled "tennessee." both berman and b-mac would not be pleased.

t-mouse love said...

i miss trousermouse.

Anonymous said...

i miss t-mouse too.

Please come back.

I'm lonely.