Raconteurs Sell Out Irving

Jack White and Brendan Benson's indie supergroup, whose album isn't even out yet, just sold out Irving in a minute online, and twenty minutes at the box office. I was waiting on line at the box office but came away with nothing but a promotional button and about fifty stickers. I'm going to the Hold Steady at Warsaw that night anyway, but thought I'd find a good home for a couple hot tickets through barter or generosity. For future reference, Irving holds about 200 at the box office for people in line, but the line forms 15 early and many of the waiters are scalpers.

Anyway, who wants a sticker?


Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album Out Today

Your cool friends will tell you it's rad. Your too cool friends will tell you it's an audio recording of Karen O being Gwen Stefanized.

I'm squarely on the side of it being the shit. Their feedbacky, gritty, New Yorky, caterwallininess is pretty much gone. They got a new producer who gave their sound a big spitshine, but the bottom line is it's really catchy and rockin'. 

It will mean a lot of new fans who were weirded out by everything but "Maps" on their last album, and that will annoy a lot of people. But at least they didn't Liz Phair themselves at all, and there are still plenty of bands out there that you can scare your I. Banker friends with.

Built To Spill Dates Pushed Back

I had four tickets to see BTS at Irving Plaza in May but the band postponed the show two seasons to the night of my wife's 30th birthday.

I have been informed by my wife that a Built To Spill concert is not quite what she had in mind for this occasion.

Her loss. Who wants her ticket? I'll meet you at
119 before.

BTW, the BTS album is going to be incredible. The three tracks I've heard are crazy good. One's at iTunes, 8 minutes of bliss for 99 cents.

Google Enables Lazy Blogging

I just got a Dashboard Widget, like a mini app for macs, that allows me to post to the trow mow a lot easier. This may mean a lot more posts with absolutely no pics or hotlinks.

Or it's just one more twitch of energy before the mouse dies quietly in the glue trap of my waning interest.