Arcade Fire Tickets On Sale

While Ticketmaster did start to wig, in the end it held together and I got two tickets Row S for the monday show. Way to earn that convenience fee, Ticketbastard. So it looks like there may not be a sequel to this:


Hold Steady Video

I shot this with the Untucked Crew for the band's video contest. Steve and Lewis each did one too. I will post em as soon as they're on youtube. JBL gift certificate here I come.


Feist - The Reminder

I found this leak last week on a message board(read: I'm cool). To my amazement it's challenging Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire for the much coveted Jonathan's Favorite Album Of The Year So Far Award. I thought her first one had its moments. This thing is wall-to-wall moments. Heartbreakers and toe-tappers abound, and she can really belt 'em out for a skinny white girl. Maybe I'll buy my dad the CD and see if he gives it a better review than Regina Spektor("This is the worst music that has ever been recorded").



So I've kind of missed my little blog. It's a lot of pressure to keep it going. I'm kind of a fleeting obsession kind of guy. There's very little I do day in day out. But maybe I can just post once in a while.

Anyway, which of this blog's massive readership will be the first to notice it being back? Such suspense! Will it be Lewis or Sam? Be the first to post a comment to this and I'll buy you a Cherry Tavern special.


I updated to the new blogger and somehow lost my logo. It's not the same. Gotta figure out how to get her back.

The Voxtrot album leaked this weekend. I'm listenting to it right now. I think I like it a lot. The Feist leak is also good. If anyone wants it, let me know.

If you have eight minutes and twenty five seconds, watch this very funny video Ricky Gervais did for Comic Relief.