Healthy Political Dialogue

I may have my opinions on this administration, and like everyone, sometimes they get a little passionate. But sometimes the best thing is to listen, really listen, to informed, articulate, intelligent people that happen to disagree with you. It's the only way we might connect in the center again, and it may be the only hope our country has.

Open your mind and listen.


Arrested Development Cancelled

Could the silver lining be the return of Tinkle, the mostly defunct comedy show starring Todd Barry, Jon Benjamin and David Cross? I think Arrested Development is what defuncted it in the first place when they were dicks enough to employ Mr. Cross. It was every Sunday night at Piano's, only $5 (free upstairs) and pretty consistently awesome. Invite Them Up has done a great job of filling the void since.


New Bright Eyes video

It's done by the same girl who did the stop motion video using yarn for "Bowl of Oranges". It's pretty durn good and you can watch it here.


Songs That Make People Think Their Cell Phones Are Ringing

These five songs have a sound or noise or something in them that will make listeners reach for their motorollas every time. Throw a party and play them all!

The Winner Takes It All (Abba)
Your Cover's Blown (Belle & Sebastian)
Summer (Modest Mouse)
Nothing Came Out (Moldy Peaches)
Should I Stay or Should I Go? (The Clash)


I'm Not Alone

I always thought I was probably the only person who enjoyed violent video games and Elliott Smith music. Turns out I was way off-base.