Song of the Summer

Okay, I think last year the entire country agreed it was "Float on" as Isaac Brock made back all the money that fake Jamaican stole from him.

Year before that, a lot of people gave it to "Me and Giuliani down by the schoolyard" and who am I to argue with !!! fans.

So the criteria seems to be a mid-spring release, possibly a leak, that is perfect for either a backyard bbq at 3PM or a sweaty dancefloor at 3AM, and may eventually be graced with a cover by the Kidz Bop crew.

If it had been released this week instead of two months ago, Belle & Sebastian's "Your Cover's Blown" would have cleaned some clocks. It's a ridiculously danceable and catchy apology for their last album.

So the only song that fits the bill for me right now would have to be "Baby C'mon"(hold down option to download on macs) by Stephen Malkmus for it's swelling garage-iness, SM's return-to-form shoutiness, and the lyrics "Give it to me, Timmy, I'm out here on a limby. Baby C'mon!"

Seriously Timmy, just give it to him.

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