God Bless the EP

Boston's Apollo Sunshine are a bunch of bearded acid kids that can muster some serious adrenaline to curtail too big a hippie following. Their debut 2003 LP, Katonah, was like a hackeysack session with roid rage. Their live show is hit and miss. It's either a rockin light show musical extravaganza or a jammy, indulgent mess with technical difficulties. They have had a couple of very unfortunate NY shows lately and I am therefore boycotting them for at least six more months. None of this takes away from their catchy, bipolar songwriting. Their new EP The Other Side Of The World is available exclusively on iTunes.

Katonah mp3's here and here.

Isaac Brock sobered up one of his favorite young bands long enough to record a self titled EP and a full album to be released in September. Wolf Parade have a very meaty, classic indie sound and remind me of a less serious, more catchy Walkmen, without the slowjams. The EP is good(and available on insound or iTunes). The album should be unbelievable.

Download a ridiculously good Wolf Parade song.

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