Accepting Submissions

An open letter to all those musical artists I don't know a lot about but everyone else does:

If you are a musical artist with a hit song in the last ten years, Trouser Mouse has exciting news for you. The T-Mouse staff will be throwing a week-long invitation-only party in Key West, Florida this fall. We are currently building a music library of every crowd-pleasing, non-crap song ever recorded. While we still have our usual standards, we acknowledge that not listening to the radio or watching MTV, VH1 or the Grammy's in the last seven years has left some gaps in our knowledge.

Duff sisters, Simpson sisters, 50 Cent, Kylie Minogue, L. Lo this is your one chance to hobknob in playlists with giants like Joy Division, Neutral Milk Hotel and the Faint. If you think you may be elgible, please submit your name, song name and documentation of its success on the Billboard chart. We will then go online and steal your song and listen to it once. If we think it sucks balls we will immediatley purge it from our iTunes. However if it only sucks, this could be your lucky day.

If you are John Mayer, Coldplay or the Black Eyed Peas please don't bother.


Anonymous said...

i'm coldplay

anonymous ii said...

i'm anonymous

red tracks said...

tiffany - i thing we're alone now

remedy said...

the cure - high, maybe someday, and much much more