Where Did You Hear About Them?

Most people love to tell you how long they've loved a band, how early they were to the party. But you didn't come out yo mama's clam with indie cred so let's be honest and give props to those who let us into the party. It's hard to imagine anyone was able to hear any new music before blogs, but we did manage. So here are my top fifty favorite bands and how I was introduced to them.

The 6ths- Mixtape by Alyssa
Apollo Sunshine- Followed Bishop Allen at Rothko
Arcade Fire- Brooklyn Vegan
Belle & Sebastian- Mixtape by Alyssa
Beulah-Mixtape by Alyssa
Bishop Allen- CD handout outside Shins show.
Bloc Party- General Blogosphere
Bright Eyes- Mixtape by Alyssa
Broken Social Scene- Lewis Recommend
Built To Spill- Mixtape by Alyssa
Cat Power- Matador Sampler CD
Cursive- Mixtape by Alyssa
Desaparecidos- Association w/ Bright Eyes
Destroyer- A friend's friend who is in We Are Scientists recommend
The Elected- Association w/ Rilo Kiley
Elliott Smith- Andrew recommend
Eminem- MTV
The Faint- Mixtape by Alyssa
The Flaming Lips- MTV
The Good Life- Association w/ Cursive
Grandaddy- Opened for Elliott Smith
GBV- Mixtape by Alyssa
Hefner- Mixtape by Alyssa
Interpol- Opened for the Faint
The Kinks- Mixtape by Alyssa(well I had heard of them)
Lemonheads- MTV
Liz Phair(pre-lobotomy)- Honestly Can't Remember
M. Ward- Association w/ Bright Eyes
The Magnetic Fields- Mixtape by Alyssa
The Mendoza Line- Mixtape by Alyssa
Modest Mouse- Mixtape by Alyssa
The Muffs- MTV
The New Pornographers- Coworker's Friendster Page
Neutral Milk Hotel- Mixtape by Alyssa
Palace Music- Mixtape by Alyssa
Paul Simon- My Dad
Pavement- Mixtape by Edward
Pixies- Mixtape by Jenn
Postal Service- MTV2
Pulp- Honestly Can't Remember
Ramones- Mixtape by Edward
Rilo Kiley- Association w/ Bright Eyes
The Rolling Stones- Pitchfork
Silver Jews- Mixtape by Alyssa
The Shins- Association w/ Isaac Brock
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks- Association w/ Pavement
Ther Strokes- Opened for GBV
Ugly Cassanova- Association w/ Isaac Brock
Weezer- Janeane Garafalo recommend
White Stripes- General Buzz
Wilco- Betsey recommend
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Other Music
Yo La Tengo- Mixtape by Alyssa

Man I wish Alyssa still made me mixtapes. At least Isaac Brock and Conor Oberst still associate with people.


Anonymous said...

who is this alyssa and why is she so sexy?

Anonymous said...

Forgot one-
Shellac-Sean Dougherty