Bright Eyes Cassadaga


First off, this a Bright Eyes record, so if the sound of his voice makes your soul hurt, then this record is not for you. But if you love him, prepare to keep right on loving. Musically, it's closest to I'm Wide Awake It's Morning. Buttery and elegant, with that perfect amount of slide guitar/pedal steel bluegrassiness(32.8%). There's the perrenial weird first track, some lady yammering about the spiritual town in Florida called Cassadaga. He still doesn't like Bush. If The Brakeman Turns My Way instantly claims squatter's rights in your head. Like Poison Oak off IWAIM, many songs build to swells that are very worth the wait. The first listen didn't wow me, but man is she a grower.

BTW, I choose to believe the song Classic Cars is about Conor having a night of life-changing sex with Emmy Lou Harris. Seriously, listen to it. He's not even really cryptic about it. He may as well just call it "I got all Harold and Maude in Emmy Lou's business".

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