Brooklyn Bars (almost) As Bad As Manhattan Ones On Weekends

If I knew photoshop I would have pasted little trucker hats on these fish.

Time Out is crushed that 90% of the great Brooklyn bars are mob scenes on Friday and Saturday nights. The article points out that "just a few years ago, the borough’s Tuesday and Saturday bargoing experiences were nearly identical" but that now a line to get in is not uncommon at the ridiculously popular community-center-like Union Hall.

It is true that on weekends a nagging feeling in my gut says, find a house party, hit an out of the way bar like O'Connor's or B61, or stay home. A recent Saturday at Floyd was jammed, and had some of the worst meatheads I have ever seen fall backward onto a bocce court and refuse to apologize to the nice people playing.

At least BBQ season is getting close.

(Thanks Lewis)

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