The Bravery @ Rothko





K-Rock hosted this pajamajam for $9.23 and gave two free MGD's to each entrant. That was mighty nice of them and I mentally forgave them for being a terrible radio station. Once the room was filled with buzzed hipsters, a band called Action Action(thank me for not linking) took the stage to remind everyone that K-Rock cannot tell the difference between rock music that is the shit and rock music that is shit. The bassist actually mimed slitting his own throat with his bass.

The Bravery did not disappoint at all. The good thing about overhyped indie bands is that even if they aren't the second coming they're usually still a great band. Probably because there aren't publicists involved. That's why the whole Arcade Fire backlash never really took. As sick as you were of hearing about them, you couldn't escape how good the cd was.

Whether or not the Bravery blow up, they wrote a great album and deserve the buzz. They could even be the American Franz Ferdinand. They did just announce a May 16th show at Irving Plaza.

I was hoping for a good Celebrate Brooklyn show in Prospect Park this summer and the New Pornographers answered my prayers. It's Saturday, June 25th and I'm guessing it will be free. Gotta love that bandshell.

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