News from the Interweb 3-27

I noticed the Magnetic Fields song “One April Day” on a Sprint Commercial which I think is great. It probably paid the rent for Stephin's Williamsburg recording studio for the next two years. And maybe the high concept of his next album will be text-message heartbreaks.

Rilokiley.net has a downloadable new song called "Pull Me In Tighter" from an XM Radio stream. They have some new tour dates but are skipping our little burg.(UPDATE: Two shows at Webster Hall)

Bishop Allen is one of my favorite local bands. They are brainy kids who pledge allegiance to quirkiness and catchiness and toss a quarter in the guitar cases of the Talking Heads and the Kinks on every track. They released a brilliant album two years ago and apparently are shopping their second around. They play at Mercury Lounge and Brooklyn venues frequently and judging by recent shows, the second album Clementines will be no less brilliant. They also apparently provided the soundtrack to, and starred in an indie romantic comedy called Funny Ha Ha which looks pretty interesting. Watch the trailer, catch it in theaters or buy the DVD and let me know if it's decent.

Amid a torrent(pun intended) of Next Big Things bands, there has been zero buzz about the new Stephen Malkmus album and show at Irving Plaza which has been on sale for two weeks without selling out. Apparently you got to pay your dues after you pay the rent too.

Entertainment Weekly's review of SXSW highly recommended the Blood Arm and I'm digging the crap out of their downloadable song "Do I Have Your Attention?".

Still no word on my most anticipated project of '05, the Isaac Brock produced Wolf Parade album. Me wantey.

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